BOOST 2022 - Creativity with Khalida (Full Year Recordings)

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Hello dear BOOSTie-to-be! Welcome :)

Let's go for BOOST 2022 - Creativity edition!

Would you like to..

  • BOOST your dance skills from the inside out?
  • ROCK your belly dance moves?
  • IMPROVE your posture effortlessly?
  • Feel more ENERGIZED, for dance and life?
  • Learn how to DANCE & MOVE with confidence?
  • Feel STRONGER and yet more RELAXED?
  • Get CREATIVE no matter which level you are at?
  • MAXIMIZE the skills you already have?
  • Finally DO something for YOU?

And best of all.. get ALL OF THIS from just 3 short sessions per week?

Then my online BOOST Program is for YOU.

"Strength for Effortlessness
Relaxation for Power
Dance for JOY"

Why do we work on Strength and Relaxation? 

  • They are two sides of the same movement coin.
  • Gentle strength practice helps to activate, open up and give freedom to parts of us that can get 'stuck' from lack of movement.
  • Relaxing helps us to improve our posture, without 'efforting' our way into it. By releasing what is 'on hold', our natural alignment can finally be restored, and this gives you more freedom of movement. 
  • THIS, in turn, will allow for effortless movements an immediate improvement in movement quality, because of a deeper connection to our bodies. 
  • When that happens, we can more easily let go and simply enjoy the movements. In other words.. we'll DANCE.

The end result? Smoother movements, more freedom in your body and powerful, effortless dancing.. with and without props.

What's in the Package?

  • BOOST22 Recordings (Gumroad) (forever yours!)
  • FREE BOOSTie Workbooks (one per Season)
  • If you have questions on anything, you can DM me or Email me for K-Support

Are you ready?

YES - Let's BOOST your MOVES together :)

Payment Options:

  • One-time Payment via Paypal, Apple Pay or Credit Card (you can choose your payment method after clicking 'I want this!') 


  • Gumroad will automatically calculate/add a VAT/BtW/MWSt percentage on checkout if it applies in your country (*)
  • Totals will be shown (in USD) on Checkout before your confirm your payment

(*)  Do I have to pay VAT/BTW/MWSt?

  • If you live outside of the US, then most probably YES.
  • You can calculate the VAT % for your country HERE
  • Note: You can generate a VAT-invoice via your Gumroad receipt for your tax administration (email me if you need assistance)

How to get access:

  • Click the ‘I want this!’ Button
  • Choose your payment method & fill out your email address / payment details
  • Click/Tap the ‘Pay’ Button when you are back in Gumroad
  • Check for your Gumroad Receipt (it will give you access to FB/Recordings immediately)

Note: Please be sure to do this final step if you're paying via Paypal, otherwise your Paypal payment will not come through.

If you're not sure it worked - email me at and I will double check for you <3 

Let's BOOST your CREATIVITY together!

Here's what Participants are saying about BOOST:

“Although we work form a computer screen it feels like real personal contact. These classes really are improving my posture, fluidity and dancing.
Looking forward to the next series!!!”

– I. The Netherlands

“It is like a multidisciplinary bodywork class designed especially for the physical demands of belly dance!

It really is BOOSTing the overall level of my dancing! Plus, the short classes are a lovely low-pressure way to unwind with movement, after a day of working at my desk :)”

– R. United Kingdom

“I love Khalida’s approach: on Monday strength exercises, on Tuesday relaxation and on Friday we dance.
These 30-min sessions are quite intensive, but a lot of fun.
Afterwards I’m bursting with energy!

I would recommend these classes for everybody: from beginners to advanced.”
– S. Belgium

Now it's YOUR turn!

Are you READY to be a BOOSTie?

Hit that 'I Want This' Button and join the BOOSTie Adventure!

I look forward to virtually welcoming you.

xx Kim Khalida Bech

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BOOST 2022 - Recordings! Note: Gumroad will add VAT/BtW/MWSt on checkout for non-US residents


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BOOST 2022 - Creativity with Khalida (Full Year Recordings)

3 ratings
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