NEW: Strength - Flexibility - Dance BOOST22 Season 3: FINALES (Live + Recordings)

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I want this!

NEW: Strength - Flexibility - Dance BOOST22 Season 3: FINALES (Live + Recordings)

Khalida Bech Online
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WELCOME dear BOOSTie-to-be!

Do you want to DANCE and MOVE online with me this Season?

Would you like to..

  • Join my online Strength - Flexibility - Dance BOOST sessions whenever, wherever YOU can?
  • Feel more confident and strong and flexible, after just a few quick movement sessions per week?
  • Learn how to dance more powerfully, smoothly and effortlessly, no matter the level you are at?
  • Learn my latest tips & tricks for creating (learning/performing) dance finales?
  • Join an online community of kind-hearted, inspiring, curious and brave BOOSTies?
  • Work with the online Sessions at your own pace (yours forever!) using the recordings?
YES - I am IN for BOOST Season 3!

Tap the 'I want this!' button to join us for Strength - Flexibility - Dance BOOST22 Season 3: FINALES

You'll get:

  • Access to our Live BOOST Season 3 Sessions (via Zoom + private FB Group)
  • A printable BOOSTie Season 3 Workbook & Calendar (new!)
  • All BOOST Season 3 Recordings (yours forever!)

When are the BOOST Fall/Winter Sessions:

  • We'll start September 5th and the classes run until end of December 2022
  • There's a 3-week Fall break in September, plus a one-week catchup break after every 4-week block (so there will be 12 weeks of sessions in total)
  • You'll get a BOOSTie calendar (in the 'docs' folder) with all our BOOST22 Season 3 class dates (and the catch-up breaks!)

Weekly BOOST Schedule:

  • Monday 12:30-13:00 CET/Berlin Time: Strength
  • Tuesday 12:30-13:00 CET/Berlin Time: Relax
  • Friday 12:30-13:00 CET/Berlin Time: Dance
That sounds great - sign me up!

Our BOOST Season 3 Topics:

  • Week 1 - Building Energy
  • Week 2 - The Rounds: Walking
  • Week 3 - The Rounds: Layering
  • Week 4 - The Rounds: Turning
  • Week 5 - Mega Shimmies
  • Week 6 - Kicks & Flicks
  • Week 7 - Safe Hair-ography -> we’re here!
  • Week 8 - Super Spins
  • Week 9 - Strike a Pose: Soft
  • Week 10 - Strike a Pose: Strong
  • Week 11 - Reverences: Take a Bow
  • Week 12 - Finales Jam/Party!
YEES - Sign me up!

Become an online BOOSTie! Tap the 'I want This' button to get started right away.

YES - I want to be a BOOSTie!

I am SO Looking forward to welcoming you as a BOOSTie this Season!

See you BOOST!

xx K.

PS: If you have any questions at all about joining my online Strength - Flexibility - Dance BOOST Program simply email me at info@khalidadance.com and I'll do my very best to help you out.

I want this!

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