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Fluidity & Flow - FREE Online workshop with Khalida! (Recordings)

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Fluidity & Flow - FREE Online workshop with Khalida! (Recordings)

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Khalida Bech Online
8 ratings

NOTE: This online workshop is FREE for everyone - especially for those of you who are taking part in my Online BOOST Program (and/or those of you interested in finding out more about it!)

Join me for Fluidity & Flow! Free Online workshop with Khalida

  • Are you looking for tips to get stronger and more flexible in your upper & lower body?

  • Would you like to learn my favourite tips for fluid moves and transitions?

  • Are you curious what studying with Khalida(me!) online is like?

Yes, yes, and yes? Then this workshop is for you! :)

In this free Workshop I share some of my favorite dance moves (and strength/flexibility practice tips!) combined with transitions, turns and fluid moves.

The techniques/tips/moves of this workshop can be used on their own, or pieced together into a practice flow to any music of your choice.

What is in this package?

  • Part 1 - Fluidity & Flow BOOST Taster Workshop (50 Minutes)

  • Part 2 - Dance-Along Combos and BOOST Q&A (20 Minutes)

  • BONUS: Three 1-Minute Dance-Along Practice Clips! (Arms, Veil, Fan Veil)

Note: You will ALSO find my previous BOOST Taster Workshop (Double Veil Romance) in this package as a bonus.


xx K.

The combos, moves and exercises in this workshop are inspired by THIS double fan veil performance and can be performed with and without props.

Fluidity & Flow with Khalida contains:

  • The Principles of Online BOOST

  • Strength/Flexibility for Upper & Lower Body

  • Smooth Moves, Turning Tips & Transitions

  • Variations with and without Props (Veil, Fan Veils)

  • Q&A's and Info about my Online BOOST Program

Here is what others have said about my workshops

"The workshops with Khalida are a lot of fun and you really learn a lot.

No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, Khalida manages to pick you up at your level. For me as a professional singer and passionate hobby dancer, the workshops with Khalida are always a great enrichment for me privately, but also for me as an artist.

I can warmly recommend Khalida's workshops."

- Eva, Germany

Dance from the Heart.

Let's DANCE!

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Khalida's favorite Tips for Fluid Moves & Transitions! (Recordings + Bonus Clips)


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