Fan Veils BOOST! (Recordings)

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By popular request am offering a 4-week online program for SILK FAN VEILS!

This unique 4-week series will help you boost your fan veil dance skills from the inside out. 

  • Would you like to improve your movement 'flow' when dancing with fan veils?
  • Are you looking for ways to make your fan veil 'work' feel more like fan veil 'DANCE'?
  • Do you wish for your upper body movements to feel more 'free' and open?
  • Would you like to work with me in depth on all of these things in a 4-week online program, tailored to your needs, and suited for dancers of any level?

Then you've come to the right place!

Join me for Silk Fan Veils BOOST and you'll get all my favorite tips for improving upper body and arm awareness as well as technique details for dancing with silk fan veils. 

Your fan veil dancing will be never be the same. 

In this 4-week program you will learn:

  • my favorite workout/conditioning tips for upper body, arms & torso
  • range of motion openers for rib cage, shoulders, wrists and fingers
  • drills, technique and mini combinations for silk fan veil dance practice

Topics covered in this Series:

  • Week 1 - Fan Veil Basics
  • Week 2 - Effects and Flourishes
  • Week 3 - Fan Veil Wraps and Poses
  • Week 4 - Your Fan Veils and You

This Package includes

  • Downloadable/streaming access to all class recordings
  • FREE printable worksheet to track your progress
    What others are saying about the online BOOST classes:

"I love Khalida’s approach : on Monday strength exercises, on Tuesday relaxation and on Friday we dance. These 30-min sessions are quite intensive, but a lot of fun. Afterwards I’m bursting energy! 

Since Khalida does not only master belly dance, but is also very good in ballet and Korean sword, she teaches a different way then other teachers.

I signed up for the Super Student packages because real-time zoom classes seem to motivate me more: Khalida gives immediate and effective feedback during the class that will help you to improve your dance in a correct way. After each Boost series, your dance is transformed completely. 

My shimmies are a lot stronger, my posture is improved and when I dance I focus on a lot more then only ‘dancing’. I would recommend these classes for everybody: from beginners to advanced.

- S. Belgium

"As someone who has been dancing for many years, I have found Khalida’s online veil classes invaluable to build upon and develop my technique and to learn new skills so that I can take my dancing to the next level.
Khalida is highly knowledgeable, her warm and giving personality make her online classes an absolute joy and I highly recommend them! I found the cross training and strengthening exercises really helpful too."

- C. UK

"Khalida is the most amazing teacher and taught me during her online courses so much on posture, travel steps and dancing with a veil

I have been belly dancing for over 10 years now, but she keeps on amazing me on the different aspects there are (you really can never stop learning!) and teaches in detail everything you need to know in order to be a better dancer and have more confidence.

Khalida takes the time to explain everything in dept, and because I have access to the recordings, I can keep on training whenever I have time, wherever I am (even when waiting for the train to work!)

I will for sure keep on following her online classes in the future, and I can recommend her to everyone who wants to keep on growing and perfecting their dance."

- K. Belgium

"I'm loooving your 30 minute workshop sessions!! Gives me so much new knowledge and inspiration for both myself and my teaching"
- C. Sweden

"When I booked the first month (BD Basics) I didn’t plan on doing all three sessions per week - I’m already super flexible and do my own strength training.
But when I joined those cross trainings I soon realized how great this combination really works: on Mondays and Tuesdays you prepare yourself by working on strength and mobility, but mostly on connecting with your body.
This new awareness then helps you make great leaps of improvement during the Friday dance sessions.
This program of bodywork and dance let me see unexpectedly huge effects - on a belly dance-teacher and dance-student with 22 years of classes!
So if you love Khalida's graceful elegance and are ready for some deep but fun bodywork-classes: join us!"

- S. Germany

How can I sign up?

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  • Fill out your payment details (VAT will be added on checkout for EU residents, see below) and you're good to go :) 
  • You'll receive an email confirmation immediately.

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Let's DANCE!

Looking forward to welcoming you!

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Fan Veils BOOST! (Recordings)

3 ratings
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