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Posing for Pictures 2 - Online Workshop with Khalida (Recording)

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Perfect your Pictures with Khalida - Oudoors! Online Workshop Recording

  • Do you have trouble feeling confident in photo shoots?
  • Do you struggle with making your pictures look 'just right'?
  • Would you like to find out how to prepare yourself as best you can?
  • Are you looking for tips and ideas for beautiful and artistic yet 'you' pictures?
  • Do you want to get the absolute MOST out of your next (outdoor) photo shoot?

Then you, my friend, have come to the right place!

Getting great pictures can be of enormous help for artists of all kinds, especially in times when bookings may be scarce. A good picture can literally support you in continuing to practice your art.

I have gotten bookings for some amazing teaching and dancing opportunities, from just my pictures alone!

It is an investment of time, effort and money. 

But a very worthwhile one.

IF the pictures come out great.

Getting good photos can result in various kinds of bookings (both for the photographer and the model) - it can make a crucial difference!

However, most of us don't get to do a photo shoot every day! Which means you don't get infinite opportunities. 

So you want to make sure you have done ALL YOU CAN to get the absolute best results from your next photo shoot.

That's where I can help.

Many artists and students I know (including me!) have had struggles for many years with feeling not confident and free enough to absolutely 'be yourselves' while posing for pictures.

Especially when it feels important. Especially for your art.

If confidence is missing, your photos end up lacking 'spark', that extra bit of magic that makes you feel immediately happy and excited when you see an image that you love.

Even worse, sometimes the shoot itself feels great, the inspiration flows, you do all that you can, and yet.. afterwards you'll see the pictures, and you notice (often fixable!) details, or you don't know what it is that you'd like to change, but you feel there is SOMETHING that makes those pictures look just 'not right'.

And then, after all of the time, effort (and money!) you've invested in these pictures, very often they end up simply not being used.


That's a shame. And, sadly, a very common situation.

But, luckily, there is hope!

Posing for pictures, both in studios and outdoors, is a skill that can be learned, improved and practiced, no matter which level you are at!

The way you prepare yourself mentally and physically(!) for a shoot will often make an enormous difference in the end results that you will get. Like with dance, with martial arts, with everything. We practice to perform. 

Why not do the same for photo shoots?

On top of that there are often very simple ways to tweak your poses, even in motion, and basic principles from different art forms you can apply. They will serve to improve your pictures. Just like that. And all your poses will come out better than before.

Sounds good? I bet it does!

This is what this 2 hour workshop will be all about.

Would you like to get tips, ideas and inspiration for preparation and poses, as well as detailed tips on how to make your outdoor shoot results look instantly more expressive, interesting and engaging?

In this unique 2,5 -hour online workshop (which you can do wherever you are!) I will share:

  • my favorite tips for preparing as well as posing for (outdoor) photo shoots
  • makeup tips for natural light
  • my favorite core and upper body activation/mobility exercises
  • moving poses with and without props
  • beautiful body lines
  • balancing and relaxing your expression
  • seated/standing/flying poses
  • natural and glamorous posing tips
  • the little details that immediately improve your pictures
  • how to make optimal use of your environment.

Get the most out of ALL of your future photo shoots!

As a bonus, we will tweak and practice poses from our Live workshop participants, and take a moment to dive deeper into some of the broader topics we touched upon in our first Posing for Pictures online workshop.

Next to all of that, you will get a printable and downloadable version of the full workshop presentation!

You will learn

  • Tips on how to prepare yourself mentally and physically for a photo shoot
  • Practical preparations for different outdoor posing situations
  • My favorite seated, standing, leaning, flying poses
  • How to use movement, dance and stillness in outdoor shoots
  • A focus on facial expression, natural lines and body angles
  • Pose fixes -> Specific posing tweaks for common picture poses

What is in this package?

  • Download + Streaming access to the workshop recordings (2 videos - 2,5 hours of material)
  • A .pdf version of the presentation 
  • A printable to-bring-to-an-outdoor-shoot list  (will be added soon!)
  • A link to my gallery for inspiration

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Let's POSE!

Picture by the fantastic Die Elster
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Khalida's Posing for Pictures 2 - Recordings!

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Posing for Pictures 2 - Online Workshop with Khalida (Recording)

2 ratings