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Khalida's Tip Drops Membership! Monthly Video Email Subscription

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Please Note - My TipDrops Membership has Closed.

TO STUDY WITH ME ONLINE you are very welcome to join my BOOST Strength - Flexibility - Dance Program Notify List at www.subscribepage.com/boost2022 - You'll receive updates on my BOOST Program as well as early enrollment access to the next edition.

Continually Improve your Movement Practice

Are you on the lookout for ways to keep on developing yourself as a dancer/mover? Do you want to keep learning, discovering and expanding your movements? Then you've come to the right place :) 

I am very happy and excited to share my Tip Drops membership with you! This will be something different.

Where can we keep finding inspiration? How do we keep growing continually? 

Sometimes a quick tip or a simple exercise can make a world of difference.

Keep the fire of inspiration burning!

Exposing ourselves to new input on a regular basis creates a 'rhythm of learning', and - as we all know - consistency ALWAYS yields results.

Inspiration will give you positive energy and momentum, which in turn will help you expand your potential for learning even more.

It's a continuous cycle of growth.

In other words: learning itself is a process, and it can be practiced!

For years I have been looking for a way to be able to share in more detail what I learned from:

  • my personal experiences in practicing, performing and teaching belly dance

  • inspiring books, podcasts and videos on movement, mastery, and learning

  • getting ‘live’ practice in learning and performing (even competing!) in different art forms (belly dance, classical and contemporary ballet, taekwondo and haidong gumdo/korean sword art) 

  • being lucky enough to be able to study intensively with several amazingly knowledgeable, capable and inspirational teachers on a regular basis.

With this membership you will receive a monthly TipDrops videos from me directly to your inbox.

Each email will contain a short, unedited, 'real deal' video. 

I will share with you my personal ideas and thoughts with on optimizing your practice, as well as quick tips on how to keep consistently improving your movement and learning skills for years to come.

How does it work?

After signing up you’ll receive a short (5-15 minute) video update from me once per month on Friday, with a practical movement tip, a quick idea for teaching/learning, and/or a little boost of motivation.

It’s like having a 'pocket Khalida' with you, to coach you and guide you whenever you need it.

These videos are meant to help you level up the way you practice

as well as give you ideas on how to:

  • Create engaging stage performances

  • Keep your inspiration flowing

  • Dance with more confidence

  • Prepare yourself for competitions in sports and dance

  • Take care of your body and mind

  • Stay motivated

  • Promote your work

  • Improve your musicality

  • Learn more deeply

  • Teach more effectively

Sounds pretty cool, right? And there will be more!

As Bruce Lee would say:

'Knowing is not enough,
we must apply.
Willing is not enough,
we must do.'

Continual growth and inspiration

Fresh new emails, one every week, with exclusive video content, especially created for the TipDrops membership. Conveniently delivered to your mailbox, directly from me to you.

You’ll receive a new video every week!

Check the links below for 3 free(!) samples:

Are you excited to begin? I am :) Because I know you will love it.

Affordable, accessible, easy

It doesn't matter with level you are at, as long as you want to keep learning. I have kept the pricing of this membership very affordable 

(Note: As a bit of lockdown support to my fellow dance students, use code 'innercircle' in 2021 to sign up for FREE) so it can serve as an extra addition to your current practice.

To enrich and accelerate your existing training programs.

Write to me when you have questions!

If you ever happen to have any questions about any of these videos (or this membership, or anything else!), feel free to write to me anytime. I love hearing from you!

Who knows, your questions might even inspire a new Tip Drops video :)

What others have been saying about the Tip Drops

“Khalida's TipDrops are superb! She provides a small video containing topics that cover the whole range of dancing and moving. 

The tips she provides go from how to stretch specific body parts, to specific belly dance moves, to becoming more at ease when dancing or preparing or specific occasions. 

I am really in love with Khalida's TipDrops as they keep my awareness of moving really high. 

Even in times where I don't feel like moving or don't get to moving/dancing, the TipDrops are inspiring me to pick up moving around again!”

K. -BE

"My favorite email on Friday with Khalida! The format is just perfect! 

A mail with a link to a short but splendid video. I love that the videos are short but STACKED full with very useful tips which come in handy not only for dance, but also for other activities and life in general. 

This feels like coach Khalida giving you motivation and a virtual high five. 

Worth all the stars!" 

L. - BE

"Your explanation of anatomy level, weight shift, angles of body parts, layering,... (the list keeps going) make me move better instantly, also your tips for pressure points work every time.

Thank you very much.

I Look forward to your tips on Friday." 

"So nice to end my workweek looking forward to the TipDrops"
K. - BE

Are you ready to take your practice skills to the next level?

Subscribe now via the button below to begin receiving my 'Khalida Tip Drops’ and get started right away. Welcome to this movement adventure!

Keep learning, keep expanding your knowledge, keep growing your potential. Always.

See you on the other side!

- Kim/Khalida

PS: You can easily cancel your subscription at any time.

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Fresh Tip Drop videos, delivered straight to your inbox!

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Khalida's Tip Drops Membership! Monthly Video Email Subscription

17 ratings